Guy melee

There are currently 5 more melee weapons added to the game.

The planks and the baseball bats can be crafted

Icon melee plank Plank: This crafting recipe is easy. Three wooden planks in a vertical line. This can be crafted with nails to create a nailed plank.

Icon melee nailedplank Nailed Plank: This item can be obtained crafting a plank with nails.

Icon melee pipe Pipe: Pipe's can only be obtained from chests. They are quiet common.

Icon melee baseballbat Baseball Bat: The baseball bat has a crafting recipe also. You would make it like you would make a wooden sword but instead of setting it up vertically, you set it up horizontally instead.

Icon melee nailedbat Nailed Baseball Bat: Same crafting recipe as the nailed plank , but with a baseball bat instead.